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Into the New Year

It is customary, at the beginning of each year, to fix your gaze forward and assess what the next 12 months might hold. For SAPCA, 2019 promises to be a year of change and continued development and growth. One of the most visible changes will be the one facing the composition of the SAPCA board.…

Non-Traditional Structures

In the past structures used for the playing of sport were constructed in ways that followed closely those used in established warehousing and industry. They were of the traditional type with lifespans commensurate with the materials used. But there has always been a demand for lower cost warehousing, agricultural and military storage with high and…

Changing Landscapes

The world of sport is fast changing – and there is a general movement towards professionalising all aspects of sports. Therefore, we recently announced another development which mirrors the wider sports industry’s direction of travel – a decision to move towards a more skills-based SAPCA board.
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